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Create Fake Whatsapp Number in India

In today's world, almost all people use social media in their day to day life. Social media giants like Facebook, Twitter is much more popular before 2009 but after the release of Whatsapp, it changed the game. In my opinion, Whatsapp is the best messenger among all. Whatsapp gives you a lot of features. So, today in this article I am going to explain some of the best tricks and tips to create fake Whatsapp number in India. After getting a fake Whatsapp number in India you can create unlimited Whatsapp account and chat with others. I am going to give you two methods to get fake Whatsapp number. So, without wasting any time let us begin.

Create Fake Whatsapp Number in India
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Why Use Fake Whatsapp Number?

By default Whatsapp allows you to create and use only one Whatsapp account per phone. Fake Whatsapp number helps you to manage your contact with other users. Using fake Whatsapp number you can create an unlimited number of accounts and you can also create business accounts too. Creating a fake Whatsapp is also very much helpful for the people those who want to propose their girlfriend or want to impress their girlfriend. 

How to Get Fake Whatsapp Number?

This is the main part of this article where I am going to explain the methods and ways to get free fake Whatsapp number. 

Method One:-

In, this method you will have to use the web-based SMS portal. In this method, you will have to use external websites that receive your OTP SMS for free. Kindly follow the steps given below to create a fake Whatsapp account.
  1. Visit one of the website given below.
  2. Choose a number of any country you want.
  3. Open the Whatsapp application
  4. Click on create an account.
  5. Copy and paste the number that you have selected.
  6. Click on receive OTP button.
  7. Now, paste the OTP code from the website and verify your account.

Online Web-based SMS Portals

The list of websites given below are the best ones that I have personally tested and verified.

This is the oldest and most popular online SMS receiving portal. This is a UK based company that offers temporary fake numbers of different countries for free of cost.

This website is a Canada based website. Its headquarter is located in Toronto of Canada. Like the previous website, this website also allows you to get fake Whatsapp number in India for free of cost.

This SMS portal allows you to choose the number of any country you want. You have an option of Canda, India, USA and all other European countries.

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