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How To Download Tiktok for PC

Are you a Tiktok user and love to watch tiktok videos. Then you are in the right place because in this article I am going to tell you the ways to watch tiktok videos on your PC and Laptop for free of cost. As you all know tiktok is only available for the phone user while writing this article. Tiktok is also not available on the web. So, here the question arises that how a PC user can watch tiktok videos. In, this article I am going to explain various methods that you can use on your pc to watch tiktok videos on your pc or any other device. But, before we begin let us look at some of the facts and history of this popular platform.

Download Tiktok for PC

When and How Tiktok Started?

Tiktok was first founded by Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang. There is an interesting story behind the development of this application. At, first the developers had developed an application for students. The main intention of that application was to provide free educational content for the students. But, unfortunate the application failed. Later, they published another application which provides short education videos for the student. So, the students can understand and learn things easily as compared to classroom teaching but they again failed. After some time of the failure, one of the tiktok developer Alex Zhu was traveling through the train. During, his journey he had noticed that some people were listening to songs and lipsing it. After, that an idea came to his mind. The idea was to make an application where people can do lipsing videos and share them with others. After, one month the application was successfully built and finally got released on the google play store. At, the initial time of its release the name of the application was Musically. 

Musically Success Story:

After, a day of release this application became a forset fir. At, first it got viral in the countries like The united states of America and China. On the first day of its release, it got five thousand downloads and after the graph starts hicking. After one month it got 5 million downloads. At, the initial time it was very much famous among teenagers and children of America and China. At that time it was ranked on the first position in the top ten most downloaded applications on the google play store. This application was a milestone in the history of the internet. This application got viral in India in the year 2008.

Tiktok Revenue in 2019:

According to the recent report, Byte Dance makes 5 lakh dollars (Half Million) per day from this application Tiktok. Currently while writing this article Tiktok has one billion active users all over the world. According to a recent post published by a famous newspaper. Every hour fifty thousand videos are posted on this famous platform. The datacenter of this social media giant is located in Beijing of China. The datacenter of this application is as big as four football playgrounds.

Recent Case on Tiktok:

If you are an Indian or a person living in India then you may know about the recent case on tiktok. Arvind Datar, an Indian advocate filed a case on the high court of madras. He wanted to ban this application in India. According to him, this application promotes nudity and has bad impacts on teenagers and kids. When the case was going on the Madras high court. This application was not available on the google play store. After one week the case got closed and Byte Dance won the case.
The application again got live on the google play store.

Ways to Use Tiktok on PC

I am going to give you two methods to use tiktok on your PC, Laptop or any device that you want. You can try both methods or the one which suits you the most. So, without wasting any time let us begin.

Method One:

In this method, you will have to use software that will convert your PC or Windows operating system to an android operating system. This application allows you to choose the suitable flavor and version of the android operating system that you want. You can also able to customize the phone and model too. In this tutorial, I am using Bluestack and if you want you can use other software too. These type of software are called android emulator. A bunch of these kinds of software is available on google. If you face any problem with Bluestack then use other android emulators.

Follow these steps carefully to  download and install Tiktok on your PC

Bluestacks Emulator
Credit:- Wikipedia

  1. Open, this link and download Bluestack.
  2. Download the installer according to your operating system.
  3. Install the Bluestack installer.
  4. Download all the required packages.
  5. After, opening the application sign in to your Gmail account.
  6. Now, open the google play store application.
  7. Search for Tiktok on the play store.
  8. Install the application and start using it.


If, you follow all the steps and procedures properly. Then I am hundred percent sure that you can use Tiktok on your PC or Laptop without getting banned or any problem. If you are facing any problem or trouble fell free to contact me through the comment section or contact page.

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