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How To Use GBWhatsapp (Anti-Bann)

GBWhatsapp is easy to use the application to create an unlimited number of WhatsApp accounts and it also contains a lot of more features that are not available on the normal Whatsapp application. This application is very handy to use and any user with an android phone and internet connectivity can use it. Many users dont know how to use GBWhatsapp properly. So, in this article, I am going to explain each and every feature that you can use in GBWhatsapp. So, without wasting any single second let's move into the article.

You can change the theme.

To, change the theme of your GBWhatsapp background follows these steps carefully.
- Open the GBWhatsapp Application.
- Click on the left plus (+) button present on the left side.
- Click on the brush button.
-  After, that select the theme which you want to apply.
- Click, on the apply button.
- Then the theme will be downloaded and applied to your GBWhatsapp.


You can use the Dual Whatsapp account.

To, use dual or double Whatsapp account. Follow The Steps.

- Open the GB WhatsApp application.
- Click on the Plus (+) button.
-  Then, click on the pencil button.
- Click on the new account button.
- Now, give your number and verify it.
- That's it.

You can use the Autoreply Function.

To, use the autoreply function on your GBWhatsapp. Follow these steps carefully.

- Open the GB WhatsApp application on your device.
- Click on the left plus button.
- Then, click on the pencil button.
- Then, click on the auto-reply button.
- Type the message you want to reply.
- Now save it and you are done.

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