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The Intelligent Investor By Benjamin Graham

The intelligent investor is one of the most popular and famous books written by Benjamin Graham. This book is very much popular among investors. The author of this book need not an introduction. If you are in the share market or the stock market industry then you must know hi. He was a great teacher and a great mentor. Sir, Benjamin Graham was the most successful investor of his time. He has many students but the most famous one is Warren Buffet. Yes, you heard right. The worlds third richest man while writing this article and a billionaire. At, the time of writing this article he has a total net worth of 80 billion dollars. I think not very easy to earn. I know it tasks a lot of time to earn some good amount of money but for that, you will have to keep patient and do your duty obediently. Before I give you the download link or the purchase link of the Intelligent Investor By Benjamin Graham. I want to give you a brief summary of sir Benjamin Graham and his book The Intelligent Investor.

The Intelligent Investor By Benjamin Graham
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Who Was Sir Benjamin Graham?

Benjamin Graham
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As I told earlier sir, Benjamin graham was the most successful investor and stock market player. At, the initial time of his life he was a professor at the Colombia University. Graham gained most of his knowledge from his own experience and experiments. He was one of the most successful investors of his time. 

A Brief Summary of The Intelligent Investor

Well, graham has divided this book into two parts. One is for the beginners and the other one is for the experienced players. According to Graham, the Share market is not gambling but it is the place to think and work wisely. In his book, he has described two kinds of people. One is the Gabler and the other one is the trader. A trader is a person who likes to invest by thinking, looking at the background of the company, looking at its assets and how it is growing in the past years and on the other hand the gamble is the person who looks only the growth chart and without inspecting anything he starts investing his money on random companies. According, to him it is very much important to look and inspect any company before investing. One, more thing graham, aid that never invests in IPOs, He has given three meaning of IPOs. The first one is the imaginary profits only. The second one is its probably overpriced and the third one is insiders private opportunity. If you dont understand what he was trying to say then let me explain you in brief.

Imaginary Profits Only:

Most, people in the stock market or the share market thinks that investing in IPOS is the best option to gain a huge amount of money in a short period. According, to graham that is not true because most of the IPOs come to raise funds. There is no guarantee that the stock will go up or down. Most, of the time it is noted that the IPOs get down initially after getting investment. So, Benjamin always suggests people not to invest in IPOs. But, sometimes people get lucky too like Rakesh Jhunjunwala. When Rakesh was a new player in this industry he had invested in the IPO of Titan. At that time he had invested an amount of five thousand rupees only and bought some stock at rupees 2 per stock. Later, after one year the price of the stock gets a skyrocket to fifty rupees per stock. In this way, he started his begging journey in this industry.

Its Probably Overpriced:

If, you are an experienced play and you love to watch videos on youtube related to the stock market or share market. Then, you may have seen many videos suggesting you invest in the upcoming IPOs. Many, of the videos, try to convince you to invest in the IPOs by showing their bright side. But, always remember that it has a dark sight too. Benjamin Graham has explained very nicely in his book The Intelligent Investor to not to invest in the IPOs. The reason behind the heavy promotion of the IPOs on the videos is nothing but sponsorship and money. The upcoming IPO companies give money to the YouTubers or the video-makers to promote them. Due to, this promotion they add the invested money in their IPOs.

A Story About Warren Buffet?

Warren Buffett
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Well, this name Warren Buffet does need an introduction. Everyone in this world knows him as the world's third-richest person. But, there is an interesting story of him becoming a billionaire. Warren always wants to be rich from his childhood days. At, the age of twelve he started earning money by selling coca-cola in a small shop. Every day he went to his grandpa shop and bought some Coca-Cola and later he sold them with five penny profit. One day when he was in a library he found a book named The Intelligent Investor written by Benjamin Graham. He read the book properly with full concentration. He learned many tricks and tips from this book. After, one year he had predicted to his family that soon he was going to be a billionaire. After, ten years he completed his prediction and became a billionaire. If you want to know more about his life then you can watch the video given below.


Whether, if you are a beginner or a profession. I must suggest this book to all. All the successful and big players of the stock market suggest this boo. The content of this book is very easy to understand. In this book, the writer had tried to give suitable examples for better understanding.

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