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Whatsapp information of 2019

WhatsApp is one of the most popular and famous social media networks and it is currently one of the most used messengers in 2019. This application was very much helpful for the people those who have an outdated phone and want to message their friends. As, currently, while writing this article social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram does not support fast messaging service like WhatsApp. Whatsapp support many useful features that the other social media platforms do not support. This application supports many useful features like you can share your location, media files, and other files too. This application also comes in various flavors and versions. This application is also available in a lite version and business version to handle their clients. Nowadays many dubbed and mod versions of WhatsApp are available on the market like Gbwhatsapp. An application like Gbwhatsapp comes with more advanced features like you can change the theme and background of your Whatsapp application. You can also enable the auto-response function of this application that allows you to automatically send your message to the people. Now, today in this article I am going to explain some of the interesting Whatsapp information of 2019


Credit:- Iconfinder

History of Whatsapp

This application was first designed and published on 24 February of 20009. In today's date, this application has a net value of billion of dollars. This application was currently operated and handled by just 50 members only. The ownership and patient of this application are currently owned by Facebook. This social media platform was bought by Facebook on the year 14th February of 2014 with an amount of  1.5 billion dollars. After this big purchase, the whole system and environment of this app have changed and this  Whatsapp information has also updated on the internet. New, features like sharing of location, Sharing of the media file are added in this application.

An Interesting Story

While researching on the internet I came across an interesting story about Whatsapp. The story was that once one of the creators of this famous social media platform named Brian Acton former working on the giant search engine Yahoo (2009-2014) had applied for a job in Facebook but he was rejected. After, that he had created this amazing application Whatsapp. But, the time had come and the owner of the Facebook Mark Zuckerberg requested the developers to fix a meeting with him. After that meeting the two owners of this social media platform became millionaires and their life has changed. It is one of the most successful applications developed in history internet and development.
Now, days this application has been developed for various purposes. 

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