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The Ultimate Guide To Boost Your Sales on Amazon Kindle

Well, in this article I am going to share my personal experience on how I boosted my Amazon Kindle Ebook sale to up to 3x within some months.

In this article, I am going to discuss all the strategies that I have implemented to skyrocket my sales. 

So, kindly, read the whole article up to the end.

At, first when amazon kindle was released it was very easy to rank books on it. But nowadays with the evolving competition, it is quite difficult to rank books. 

I know what you are thinking about. If your book will not be listed on the first page or the top ten results. How can you make any sale or optimize the earning?

Dont, worry I will explain to you everything. So, without wasting any time, let's begin with the tutorial.

First of all, I will start with the book cover. 
Creating a Book Cover
Well, from research conducted by a famous blog. It was found that books with an amazing cover design perform well as compare to other books. 
So, here the question arises how will you make a killer book cover design. From, my point of view it is suggested to handle this work to someone expert in it.

Because here we are talking about a book cover, not a painting and as I said earlier the more attractive your book cover will be. The more sale you are going to get.

Where to order for a book cover?
Well, you will find a lot of book cover designers on Fiverr and Upwork. From, there select the gig having good reviews and rating. If you have a good budget then, you can also select a professional designer from 99designs and Dribbble.

Now, your book cover is ready. Then What next?

Now, we are ready to write the description of the book.

Writing an Attractive Description.
The, more attractive the description will be the more sales you are going to get. 
How to do it? 
Let me explain it to you with points.
  • Keyword Density:
To, rank any book on the amazon kindle book store. You must have a good keyword density. But here the question arises what should be the keyword density? and where to put them. 

Well, the idle keyword density for the long tail keyword should be 3% and the short tail keyword should be 5% to 7%.

Now, let's talk about where to put them and how to format the description. 

Keyword Positioning:
First of all, try to write a description which will be a solution to the problems faced by the readers. 

It is always a good idea to give a summary of the book. So, readers can get a quick judge in your book and the sale will increase.

All, right now we have a good book cover and a good description. 

Now, its time for the most import part of the Book. What should be the title of the book?

Creating an attractive Title For The Book:
The Book title always play an important role in the SEO and 

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